Garden Alchemy AV Concert

Garden Alchemy is an immersive audio visual and tactile journey. A series of live music shows, Audio visual installations and interactive XR experiences.

In its first phase, Garden Alchemy AV is a concert of music and animation.

It is also an experiment.

An experiment in attention and time.

Animated painting teaches us about attention and duration and that what we see depends on how we look … And for how long.

It is a lot like music in this way. Which invites us to experience and move between different scales and tempos: the rush of birdsong, the sustained drone of winter melting.

If we agree that what we give our attention to, informs the basis of how we see and therefore act in the world – then the importance of giving our attention, generously, sensitively, becomes a very urgent matter.

Structured around the changing seasons of the year; one of the key concepts which frames the project Garden Alchemy, is the notion of Bioregionalism. Similar to many indigenous culture’s relationship to land, Bioregionalism is first and foremost based on observation and recognition of what grows where as well as appreciation for a complex web of relationships among those actors. More than observation, it also suggests a way of identifying with place, weaving oneself into a region thought observation of and a responsibility to the local ecosystem.

Garden Alchemy AV is piloting in Fermaten, Herning (DK) in June 2022 and In Paletten, Viborg (DK) in November 2022. It is also being developed into a multiuser VR exhibition and an XR game.


16/06/22 kl. 19.00

Fermaten, Herning, DK


16/06/22 kl. 21.00

Fermaten, Herning, DK



Music and composition: Montes_ea (Thomas Ahlmark & Kristoffer Jørgensen)
Visuals and animation: Michelle & Uri Kranot
Musicians: Jody Ghani Nordby, Uri Kranot
Textile design: Maria Højrup
Scenography: Betina Herløv Møller
Production Fermaten: Rikke Andersen, Henrik Bebe
Project manager TAW: Roberta Jablonskyte
Consultants: Sarah John, Sune Petersen
PR and documentation: Adela Kučkovská

With support from:

The Animation Workshop / VIA University college
VIA Design & Business
Viborg Kommune
Kulturelt Samråd Herning
Koda Kultur
Bogtrykmuseet Vingaards Officin
Aarhus University Herbarium